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Dollar General is making continuous efforts to improve and maintain guest satisfaction levels. Through the Dollar General guest satisfaction survey, they are collecting the views and opinions of guests. They are conducting the survey because of increased competition, companies are enhancing guest satisfaction and keeping their existing guests rather than allocating additional resources to chase new ones because the effort of holding existing guest is much easier than getting new ones.  

By participating in the survey the company is providing an opportunity for you to speak with an open mind. Through the survey, the company can know the satisfaction level of the customer about their products and their services. The company collects reviews from customers and makes better decisions. Dollar General needs to know your likes, dislikes, and any areas that may need improvement. The company has even changed and expanded its menu in response to the customer’s needs and desires.  

The survey takes only a few minutes to participate. In the survey, Dollar General asks simple questions about your experience when you visit their place. The data of the customers who participated in the survey are kept confidential. Your participation in the survey will help the company for its growth. In addition, you will get a confirmation code, which you can use on your next visit to your local Dollar General. To redeem, you simply need to write down the code in the space provided on your Dollar General receipt.  

DGCustomerfirst – www.DGCustomerfirst.com

Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores. The first store was started in the year 1939 by J.L. Turner. The headquarters of the restaurant is in 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States. Michael M. Calbert is the Chairman and Todd Vasos is the CEO of the company. The company sells products like clothing, cleaning supplies, Home decors, health and beauty, aids, pet supplies, toys, seasonal items, and groceries. The estimated revenue of the company is $20.349 billion. The store has 14,000 locations all over the world.  

Coming to the history of the grocery chain, The company Cal Turner co-founded went public as Dollar General Corporation in 1968, posting annual sales of more than $40 million and net income in excess of $1.5 million. In 2000 Dollar General opened a new corporate headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. By the end of 2000 sales at Dollar General exceeded $4 billion. Cal Jr. retired in 2002 and was succeeded by David Perdue in 2003. Dollar General entered the grocery market with the establishment of Dollar General Market in 2003. In 2004 Dollar General expanded to low-cost Asian markets by opening a sourcing office in Hong Kong. On June 21, 2007, CEO David Perdue announced his resignation leaving David Bere as interim CEO.  

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www.dgcustomerfirst.com – Dollar General Survey

Dollar General Corporation is a chain of specialized stores in the united states of America. This is a large and popular corporation in America. The corporation was established by MJL Turner in the year 1939. They have started this DGCustomerFirst Survey for their customers to express their opinions, reviews, and feedback about their last purchase at Dollar General. After the survey is complete customers can enter the sweepstakes and get an opportunity o win a $100 gift card.   

As a part of the transition to a privately held company, Dollar General assessed each location at the end of its lease against a model known as “EZ Stores”. This assessment included evaluating whether the location had a loading dock, garbage dumpsters, adequate parking, and acceptable profitability. Effective June 3, 2015, Chief Operating Officer Todd Vasos replaced Rick Dreiling as chief executive. Dreiling remained as senior advisor and chairman until his retirement in January 2016. Dollar General’s 13th distribution center opened in San Antonio, Texas on June 6, 2016, with a local investment of $100 million and the creation of over 500 jobs. Dollar General plans to open 900 new stores in 2018. Also in 2017, Dollar General acquired Dollar Express, a spinoff from the Family Dollar-Dollar Tree deal, and converted the store.  

Dollar General became the sponsor of the Dollar General Bowl, formerly the GoDaddy Bowl, in 2016. Apart from this the subsidiaries of the company are Dolgencorp, Dollar General Global Sourcing, and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.  

How To Win Dollar general $1000 Cash Survey Sweepstakes?

What is DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes Contest?  

Dollar General Store has created a DGCustomerFirst Survey and is organizing a sweepstakes program under which you will be given an opportunity to win a $100 gift card. The main reason why the DGCustomerFirst Survey was created because they wanted to collect the opinion of the people good and bad so that they can be aware of the places they need improvement. 

Dollar General Store is one of the best and popular stores in America. They are also cheaper and provides better quality than other general stores. They have created the DGCustomerFirst to even improve on the aspects they are lacking in.    


Who Can Participate?  

Everyone whether a Dollar General Store customer or not you can participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstake program. The people you will win the contest will be gifted a $100 gift card that can be used on their next purchase at the Dollar General Store.   

If you are a customer of Dollar General Store and have the receipt of the recent purchase from Dollar General Store you can participate in the survey through online mode.   

If you are not a customer of Dollar General Store then also you can participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstake program. You can take the program through the mail.   

We have explained the ways you can take the survey through online mode and offline mode in the section below.   


How To Win Dollar general $1000 Cash Survey Sweepstakes?

Terms And Conditions:

These are the terms and conditions of the DGCustomerFirst Survey.   

  • The validation code that will be generated after you will complete the survey will only be valid for seven days after taking the survey.   
  • Only the residents of the united states can enter the sweepstakes contest and also the minimum age for the contest is 18 years old.   
  • You can take the survey only once every 14 days.   


  1. A receipt from a recent purchase made at a Dollar General store.  
  2. To participate in the survey you should be at least 18 years or older.  
  3. A computer or smartphone.  
  4. Internet access.  
  5. An email account.  
  6. Should be a resident of the US.  
  7. The winner is obliged to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Liability and Publicity Release and a W-9 Tax identification form within 10 days of notification of having won a prize.  
  8. All taxes are solely the responsibility of the prize winner.  
  Coupon prize    $3 off $15 coupon 
  Sweepstakes prize     $100 gift card 
  # of Sweepstakes Prizes Awarded    4 per entry period 
  Location    US & District of Columbia 
  Age    18+ 
  Entry Limit per entry period  1 1

Dollar General Customer First Survey Eligibility:  

If you want to participate in DGCustomerFirst Survey, you have to fulfill this eligibility. We have mentioned the rules and eligibility that you need to complete to participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey.  

  • The employees and their family members are not allowed or eligible to take part in the DGCustomerFirst Survey and contest.
  • The contact information provided by the participant must be true.
  • The proof of the purchase should be valid if you want to participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey.
  • You have to buy at least one thing in order to take part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • The minimum age required for the contestant for the DGCustomerFirst Survey is 18 years old at registration time.
  • The participant must be a resident of the united states of America or the Columbia region.


Dollar General Customer First Survey Instructions 

  1. Visit the official website using your computer or smartphone.  
  2. Select your language.  
  3. Enter the 7 digit Survey Code and time of your visit which is available on your recent receipt.  
  4. Answer the survey questions according to your experience with the Dollar General store. Did you feel you served quickly and efficiently? Did you find what you were looking for easily? These are some of the questions that you may be asked. Rate your answers according to your experience.  
  5. Once the survey questions are completed you can enter your contact details to be in the draw to win $1000 cash in the monthly sweepstakes draw.  
  6. On completion, you may also receive a Dollar General Coupon to use on your next visit.  

You can also participate in the sweepstakes through E-mail if you don’t have a recent purchase from Dollar General. Here are the steps that you need to follow if you want to participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey through E-mail.  

  • On a 3.5*5’’ card, write your details like full name, phone, birth date, and email.   
  • Also, give your address, your zip code, city name.   
  • Write your honest reviews.  
  • Post the mail to Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes, PO Bx 251328 West Bloomfield MI, 48325.  


Note:- To participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey you need the 15 digit code that is present on your bill receipt. After you are done with the DGCustomerFirst Survey, you will receive another survey code. Make sure that you note down the survey code as you will not be able to redeem your prize without it.    

If you are mailing the entry make sure that you wrote the return address otherwise your entry will be disqualified and declared null void. There must also be only one entry per person if more than one entry is found it will be disqualified.   


DGCustomerFirst.com Survey Rewards  

If you are participating in the Dollar General sweepstakes contest then this is what happens. First, there will be a draw and then an administrator will pick any ten random entries. when you take the survey you get registered for the sweepstakes contest. All the ten lucky picks will get a $100 gift card and they can use this gift card to shop anything from Dollar General store.   

There is also a discount code that could be given to the lucky picks. It depends. But using the discount code too you can shop and redeem the discount whenever you are at the Dollar General store next time. The code that you will receive has to be noted down taken a print of because without this code you will not be able to redeem any offers. You can participate in the survey and contest every 14 days. The discounts coupons can be used on many items like magazines, Sunday newspapers, and many more.   

If you win you will be contacted by the management of Dollar General Store. Within three days of your win, you need to provide your address. The $100 gift card will be mailed to your postal address. The whole process will take around 6 to 8 weeks to reach you.   


DGCustomerFirst Contact Information:   

 You can express your valuable view about the services, products, staff, or any other on the DGCustomerFirst Survey. But in case you are having difficulty in doing so then you can also contact the customer service of Dollar General Store. Here we have listed all the contact information about Dollar General Store.   

  • DGCustomerFirst Head Quarters: 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States – 37072   
  • Customer Services:- +1 800 678 9258   
  • Sponsorship Requests:- +1 615 855 4000  
  • Dollar General Survey sweepstakes page: official website   
  • Dollar General official website: www.dollargeneral.com   
  • Dollar General Sweepstakes privacy policy: official website.   

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I return something if I do not have the receipt?

Yes, you can return to the Dollar General store if you don’t have a receipt but in some cases having a receipt is important. 

What will happen if I win a sweepstake?

In case you win a sweepstake you will either win a cash prize, merchandise, or trip. But in either case, you need to report it to taxes and pay for taxes if it is under $600. These prizes are taxable. 

How to take a Dollar General Store DgCustomerFirst Survey?

DgCustomerFirst survey is a survey by Dollar General Store to collect reviews from people. In return for taking the survey customers to stand a chance to win a $100 gift card. You can take the survey by going to the website www.dgcustomerfirst.com. All the steps of taking the survey are explained above. 

Where are the headquarters of Dollar General Store?

The headquarters of Dollar General Store is located in Goodlettsville, TN and the CEO of Dollar General is Todd J Vasos. 




Customer surveys are very important for every corporation it is the only form of communication between customers and corporations. This is the medium through which a company can get the views of customers on their services and know the areas where they and lacking and improve upon them. The focus of Dollar General is to give the best services to its customers. And the only thing that can help them is honest feedback. The survey is not very long to take. Also if you participate you have a chance to win a $100 gift card.    

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